Create digital publications

Create digital publications

We help you create and give easy and fast access to digital publications, documents and presentations that you already have and produce.

Our virtualization solution is capable of converting any PDF-file into a digital publication/document in a matter of minutes, making it faster and easier to access and consult through a simple URL without the need of downloading.

Content viewer

We provide a premium viewer for the consultation of documents, presentations and publications.

Complete viewer customization
Multi-device (computer, tablet, smartphone)
Access to content in seconds

Make your content interactive

Our easy to use management system provides multiple enrichment options for your content that guarantee improved interactivity and reduce un-subscription rates.

Automatic interactivity detection
Manual interactivity management

Make browsing easier

We provide a simple system for creating indexes with sections and subsections that provides fast and easy navigation in larger publications and documents. Something which is very important on all devices and essential on tablets and smartphones.

Automatic bookmark detection
Manual index, section and subsection management

Improve your content's accessibility

We provide different methods to access content and allow access from any channel, support and device.

URL: use your own domain
Short URL
Auto-generated QR Code

Manage and organize your corporate content structure

We facilitate the administration of groups and types of content based on separate accounts, which allows unified administration, separate access and management by functions and departments.

Internal Communication
Organization and Procedures
Trade Marketing
Corporate/Financial Communication
Knowledge management
Retail Marketing
Communication with Media/Press
Business Communication
Corporate publications

Manage both individual and periodical publications

BHybrid is the only system on the market that differentiates between individual and periodical content which enables a much more efficient processes for creation, publishing and analysis.

Individual Publications and Documents
The virtualization system allows content to be uploaded and kept restricted until it is ready to be published. Once it has been published, you can upload new versions allowing quick updates in a simple and convenient way.
Price List
Legal documents
Business proposals
. . .

Periodical Publications
BHybrid is the only system that offers specific tools for managing different editions of the same publication and facilitate its creation, management, access and archive organization.
Corporate Magazines
Press Releases
Annual reports
. . .

Share and distribute your digital content

Visualize reactively
Digital Signage
Corporate cards
Apps integration
Printed material stands
Corporate cards

Distribute proactively
Social media
Personal Business Cards
Direct mail
Distribution by mail

Protect private content

Whether you have publications for subscribers or have to distribute sensitive content, HybridPublication's platform allows you to protect it and control who has access to it.

Password protected access
If you need a more advanced protection for your content in order to able to:
  • Manage the access for each active user
  • Organize your content according to the different types of users who access it
  • Publish groups of protected content on your intranet
  • Create datarooms if you do not have an intranet

Access the advanced services of bHybrid

Schedule content availability

No need to worry about enabling access to new content, or disabling access to expired content.

Set a date and time for when you want to activate and disable a publication
Define redirections from outdated publications to newer versions
Define a redirection to a web page

Delegate management without losing control of the content

Our system allows you to manage professional collaborations on your content with any designer and advertising, media or communication agencies, helping to validate and manage your content and analyze the results.

Remote and delegated uploading
Review and collaborative approval management

Multi-content publishing

Replace PDF lists with bookshelves that have customizable designs

Thanks to this modern, elegant and fast system, PDFs that require a download are now a thing of the past.

Empower the managers of each department
Any person without technical know-how can manage the digital bookshelf system and create, customize and fill one or more shelves with content in a matter of minutes. It is also very easy to manage content publishing in one or several bookshelves without relying on anyone else.
Visualize a group of publications in one or more places at once
The system makes it easier to publish the same or similar content in one or dozens of places without needing to have the same file in different locations.
Any person without technical know-how can create, design and select content based on publications and documents, saving time by automating the publishing process.

Improve searches for grouped publications and documents

With our platform you can search a group of publications or documents with a single click.

Our revolutionary system allows you to find any content in a few seconds and it gives you access to specific pages where the text is located.

It includes a search engine for published content in digital bookshelves embedded on the website

Analyze and report

Our self-developed analytics system allows you to automatically capture data regarding the use of your content, visitors, geolocation, devices used and the channels from which the content is accessed and more.

The reports includes and presents information that will give you new data concerning your stakeholders and contacts making it easier for your managers and sales representatives to take better decisions based on actual facts instead of assumptions and more vague criteria.

Statistics and analytics
Statistics for defining the technological profile of the reader
Analytics data regarding access behavior


To manage content is not the same as only virtualizing it and that's why we have developed a series of services specifically designed for the administration of content, from the point when they are only an idea until they are to be archived, that is an efficient and smooth experience.

Manage permissions, roles and responsibilities

It can be used by one or more users which is different from other systems and it allows you to delegate tasks and manage different permissions in order to optimize your internal processes and responsibilities.

Manage permissions with or without access
Manage roles and processes

Manage validation and correction of original content

Delegate tasks without losing control of the content.

Manage content status
Security system and original content control
Review and collaborative approval management

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