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Convert any PDF to a premium page-flip format in a matter of minutes


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    Replace PDF lists with bookshelves that have customizable designs
    Improve searches for grouped publications and documents
    Our revolutionary system allows you to find any content in a few seconds and it gives you access to specific pages where the text is located.
    Periodical Publications
    Special services that simplifies and improves the publishing of periodical publications.

    Operational benefits that save you time and unnecessary complications

    Customize the content viewer
    With your corporate colors, logos, designs, and backgrounds. Give and gain access to your content through a URL with your own domain.
    Show how your organization take responsibility
    Activate the CO2-savings calculator and show your own engagement as well as the effect of limiting printed paper copies and digitally downloaded copies by calculating the environmental savings.
    Statistics and analytics
    Find out where, when, what and who views and accesses your content.
    Download and print controls
    Collect information about the use of your content regarding downloads in a simple way and limit the printing to be more sustainable.
    Manageable interactivity
    Other than the automatic detection of interactive elements the system also detects and generate links for e-mail addresses, web sites and other codes that you can then single handedly manage, correct or update.
    Upload new versions and editions without having to change the URL or having to notify recipients or your webmaster, simply upload your new version and publish it.

    Maximize the ROI of your digital content and make the information flow replacing the PDF format for improving accessibility and optimize the control of its distribution.

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